Course content:

A very informative and upbeat 2 day training course focusing on speech sound development.

Day 1 outline:

  • How and when speech sounds develop
  • Understand where and how sounds are made in the mouth
  • How to say ‘pure sounds’
  • The ‘Speech Chain’
  • Introduction to cued articulation
  • How to use a speech sound screening assessment and copy provided  to use in your setting
  • General Strategies to help in the classroom

Day 2 outline:

  • The ‘Speech Chain’
  • Input difficulties and how to help
  • Central processing difficulties and how to help
  • Output difficulties and how to help
  • Resources and games for you to use
  • ideas for resources and groups

Duration: 2 days ideally a week apart to give learners the opportunity to carry out the speech sound screening assessment on an individual child. Smaller groups can complete in 1 ½ days.

Learning resources: Presentation, handouts, videos, discussions, practical tasks and advice leaflets.

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