Cued Articulation
Cued Articulation

Cued Articulation was originally devised by Speech & Language Therapist Jane Passy. Helen Botham has written this course with approval from Jane Passy to teach cued articulation to early years teachers, teacher assistants, speech and language therapists, parents, carers and others that work with young children.

Cued articulation is a system which enhances speech sounds awareness. This is essential to the acquisition of literacy skills. The cues are simple hand signs that relate to how and where the sounds are produced.

Cued articulation is easy and fun to learn, when taught alongside an understanding of the patterns involved in normal speech development.

Course content:

  • The sound system
  • Sound development
  • Cued articulation techniques
  • Colour coded system
  • Consonant sounds
  • Vowel sounds
  • Classroom implementation & practical ideas

Duration: 1 day

Learning resources: Presentation, handouts, videos, discussions and practical tasks.

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